First and foremost our practice provides continuing and comprehensive care for patients of all ages and their families. From antenatal checks to aged care assessments we have an excellent team of GP’s and nurses ready to help. Services Provided include:


The practice is able to offer a full range of childhood immunisations, travel vaccines and certain other preventative health immunisations such as the flu vaccine and shingles vaccine. For more information please ask your GP or practice nurse at your next consult.


Accident and Emergency

The practice is able to accommodate acute episodes of care in our appointment schedule. We keep a limited amount of emergency appointments each day with our GP’s and nursing team for those needing immediate attention. Please phone the practice where you will be advised of the most appropriate course of action including direct referral to accident emergency if necessary.


Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor surgical procedures include excision of typical and irritated naevi, cysts, skin cancers, as well as incision and drainage of abscess. Removal of warts, cryosurgery are also done in the medical centre. For a full range of procedures undertaken at the centre please ask our reception team or your treating GP at the next consult.


Health Assessments and annual check-ups

Our Doctors believe that it is part of good quality care to regularly assess a patient’s whole health. They conduct regular screening and health assessments where clinically appropriate. Patients wanting to have a general assessment of their health can book an appointment with one of the doctors.


Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking at any age improves health and quality of life for you and people near to you. Evidence confirms that even brief counselling by a health professional, particularly a general practitioner, can increase your chances of successfully quitting.


Dietary and nutrition

The health, economic and psychological costs of being overweight or obese are very high. Overweight and obese people experience greater morbidity in addition to other social problems. Our clinical team are committed to working with patients in reducing the health risks associated with obesity and also have experience with various eating disorders.


Men’s health

Typically men don’t like to talk about their health and figures prove that men still visit their GP far less than women. Our clinical team aim to engage with all our patients regardless of age and gender to provide optimum health outcomes. This includes regular screening for diseases such as prostate cancer and skin cancer which are particularly prevalent in men.


Antenatal Care and Women’s Health

We have many practitioners with an interest in women’s health, antenatal and postnatal care. Our clinical team provide a full range of supportive measures for women of all ages. We encourage regular breast screenings, pap smears, and provide a range of professional advice regarding contraception and pregnancy.


Child Health

Our clinical team are able to provide care for children of all ages from babies to young adults. Services include immunisations, childhood development monitoring and management of any social or mental health issues that may arise.